Edgar’s from South Africa lost in the both World Wars


My research has uncovered three men by the name of Edgar who lost their lives in the two world wars, these men are commemorated a long with all of South Africa's was dead at the South African National War Memorial, Delville Wood, France.  It was here at Delville Wood that the men of the South Africa Brigade fought during the Battle of the Somme, but this is not just a First World War memorial, Delville Wood is a memorial to South Africans who fought in all the conflicts of the 20th Century.

The South African Memorial, Delville Wood, France


1780 Sergeant Donald Anderson Edgar

4th Regiment South African Infantry

Died 30th May 1916, age 46

Son of the late Lt. Col. Edgar, of Bradford, England

Donald Edgar also served in German West Africa

Grave IV. B. 1. Nieppe Communal Cemetery, France


742 Gunner S. Edgar

South African Field Artillery

Died 15th November 1920

C.E. III. D. 30. Bloemfontein Cemetery, South Africa



27414 Lance Corporal James L Edgar

2nd Battalion Transvaal Scottish, South African Forces

Died 11th January 1942 (Second World War)

Grave 13. F. 7. Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery, Egypt



Two of the magnificent bronzes from the Delville Wood Museum which show the men of South Africa in battle