Edgar Gravestones Co Down

I have put together the following information to help people researching the Edgar family in Co Down, Northern Ireland.  It is not a total collection of all gravestone inscriptions in Co Down, but I hope you find it both of interest and of help.

Richard Edgar

6th June 2001




His father Robert Edgar, who departed this life 4th June 1866, age 86 year EDGAR, Erected by Samuel Edgar in memory of his mother Elizabeth, who departed this life 15th December 1864, aged 80 years.  Also his children William James, died January 25th 1874, aged 8 years, Marten St John, died January 29th 1874, aged 2 years. Also his beloved wife Isabella, died 13th November 1883, age 53 years.  Also the above Samuel Edgar, died 14th March 1896, aged 75 years.



EDGAR, Erected by widow Edgar in memory of her husband Samuel Edgar of Lisbane, who departed this life 15th April 1834, aged 81 years.  Here lieth the remains of the above widow Edgar, who died 11th October 1840, aged 70 years.



EDGAR, Here lies in the grave of his father and mother the Rev Dr Edgar, Minister of Ballynahinch and professor of divinity to the Presbyterian Synod of Ireland.  He died November 1826 in the 59th year of his age and the 33rd of his Ministry.  Also his wife Elizabeth who departed this life 9th January 1839, aged 68 years.

EDGAR, Underneath lie the remains of Samuel Edgar of Killaney, born 1779 obt 31st March 1828.  Also of his sons Robert born September 10th 1815, obt March 22nd 1836, and James who was Minister of the Scots Church, Lower Glouster Street, Dublin, for a period of eight years.  This monument is erected by the young members of his flock and a few attached friends.  Also Jane wife of the above Samuel Edgar who died 7th June 1872 aged 89 years.

EDGAR, Cemetery of Joseph L Edgar, Ashvale 1856.

EDGAR,  Underneath lie the remains of William Edgar of Carricknaved, who fell asleep in Jesus 23rd July 1831, aged 55 years.  Also his wife Susanna who departed this life 15th November 1841 aged 69 years.  Also Robert Edgar late of Lisbane brother of the above who died 20th July 1860 aged 80 years, and Ann his wife who departed this life 20th December 1861, aged 82 years.



EDGAR,  In memory of Robert Edgar of Lisbane, who died Oct 27th 1866, aged 86 years.  Also his wife Jane Edgar, who died in 1881 aged 84 years.  Also of his son William, who died Nov 5th 1884, aged 37 years.  Also his son Robert, who died young, and his last surviving son John, who died 18th May 1897, aged 76 years.



EDGAR, Erected by James Edgar, Carnesure, in memory of his daughter Jane who died July 25th 186? (worn off) aged 16 years.



EDGAR, Erected by Thomas Edgar Quoile Bridge Downpatrick, in memory of his beloved wife Mary, died 15th October 1853, aged 50 years, also his two children Archibald died in infancy, Maria died 9th September 1851 aged 12 years.  Also his two grandchildren, Robert Jennings died 21st January 1870 aged 7 years, William John Jennings died 11th July 1870 aged 9 years.  Also the above named Thomas Edgar died 5th January 1880 age 79 years.



EDGAR, Erected by Samuel Edgar Loughries, in memory of his family namely, Anna Edgar, died 27th Jan 1840 aged 5 years, also James Edgar, died 7th Feb 1840 aged 3 years, also Eliza alias McClune, died 1st Nov 1860 aged 22 years, also Jane Edgar alias Boal, died 7th Nov 1866 aged 22 years, also the above named Samuel Edgar who died 29th May 1890, aged 77 years, also his wife Jane Edgar who died 27th March 1893 aged 79 years.

EDGAR,  Erected by James Edgar of Loughriescouse in memory of two of his children, who died in infancy.  Also in memory of his son James who departed this life on the 24th Nov 1840 aged 23 years.  Likewise here lieth the body of the above James Edgar, who departed this life on the 17th January 1849, aged 65 years.  Also his wife Elizabeth Edgar who departed this life 11th March 1854, aged 67 years.  Also in memory of James Edgar Ballyhaft, who died 19th December 1923, aged 73 years.  Also his wife Ellen Jane who died 30th March 1938, aged 82 years.

EDGAR,  Erected by John Edgar Newtownards, in memory of his father John Edgar, who died on the 18th August 1857, aged 81 years.  Also his wife Sarah Edgar alias Dunn, who died on the 4th January 1864, aged 63 years.  Also the above named John Edgar, who died on the 14th November 1882 aged 74 years.



EDGAR,  Erected by Samuel Edgar of Bangor in memory of his daughter Jane Edgar, alias Robinson, who died 15th January 1835, aged 21 years.  Also his wife Margaret Edgar alias McWhinney, who died 25th July 1842, aged 52 years.  Also the said Samuel Edgar, who died on the 18th October 1861, aged 79 years.



John Edgar 1834



William Edgar, from Aughnavalloo, died 3rd July 1941, age 77 

Alexander Edgar, Aughnavalloo 

Rev Samuel Edgar, age 75



Agnes Edgar, born 17th July 1889, died 9th October 1972