The following was taken from lists of Irish immigrants arriving at the port of New York during the years 1846-1851, please note the date given is when ship arrived in New York, and that many people from Ireland would have traveled to England or Scotland first before boarding a ship to sail to the America.



Departed Liverpool 

Ship: Rochester, 8th May 1846

Samuel Edgar, age 21, Carpenter


Ship: England, 26th May 1846

Samuel Edgar, age 21


Ship: John R Skiddy, 1st July 1846

Mary Edgar, age 50


Ship: Charlemagne, 3rd July 1846

Francis Edgar, age 40, Clerk


Ship: Rochester, 11th Sept 1846

George Edgar, age 25, Merchant


Ship: Courtney, 22nd April 1847

William Edgar, age 40


Ship: Howard, 18th May 1847

Lawrence Edgar, age 30

Agnes Edgar, age 25


Ship: Sea, 18th Sept 1847

Jane Edgar, age 30

Henry Edgar, age 9

B.J. Edgar, age 7

Jane Edgar, age 7 months


Ship: Columbus, 3rd April 1848

Samuel Edgar, age 23, Miner


Ship: Queen, 1st June 1848

Walter Edgar, age 40, Farmer

            Jannet Edgar, age 40, Wife

William Edgar, age 18, Joiner

Walter Edgar, age 13

James Edgar, age 10

Thomas Edgar, age 8

Robert Edgar, age 3


Ship: ?  11th Aug 1849

James Edgar, age 22


Ship: Andrew Foster, 11th Jan 1850

Mary Edgar, age 14


Ship: Garrick, 12th Jan 1850

Samuel Edgar, age 30, Mason


Ship: Conqueror, 11th June 1850

Mrs Edgar, age 30

Agnes Edgar, age 10

John Edgar, age 8


Ship: Guy- Mannering, 22nd July 1850

Hugh Edgar, age 18


Ship: Atlas, 2nd Oct 1850

Jane Edgar, age 30


Ship: Garrick, 11th Nov 1850

Samuel Edgar, age 40, Farmer


Ship: Africa, 10th April 1851

Henry Edgar, age 31, Solicitor

Millicent Edgar, age 34

Henry Edgar, age 6

Leila Edgar, age 2


Ship New York, 30th April 1851

John Edgar, age 22


Ship: Emma Fields, 30th May 1851

David Edgar, age 23


Ship: St Hilda, 18th June 1851

Martin Edgar, age 24


Ship: Silas Greenman, 8th Aug 1851

James Edgar, age 28


Departed London  

Ship: Columbine, 3rd July 1848

H Edgar, male, age 40,


Departed Glasgow  

Ship: Harmonica, 2nd Feb 1849

John Edgar, age 22, Dealer


Ship: Superb, 19th July 1849

John Edgar, age 30, Cooper


Ship: Huron, 12th July 1851

William Edgar, age 23


Departed Newry  

Ship: Brothers, 11th July 1848

William Edgar, age 22

Robert Edgar, age 22


Departed Galway 

Ship: Commerce, 3rd Nov 1847

Jas. Edgar, age 27, Gentleman


Departed Dublin  

Ship: Samuel, 25th Nov 1851

James Edgar, age 30


Ship: James Fagan, 31st Dec 1851

Georgia Edgar, age 28, Servant


Departed Limerick  

Ship: Heather Bell, 20th Jan 1850

Michael Edgar, age 30

Bridget Edgar, age 25

Catherine Edgar, age 4


Ship: Triumph, 11th June 1850

Michael Edgar, age 8

Patrick Edgar, infant


Departed Belfast  

Ship: Charter Oak, 12th June 1848

Mary Edgar, age 25


Ship: Alice Frazier, 14th March 1849

Patrick Edgar, age 21, Farmer


Ship: Annandale, 30th April 1851

James Edgar, age 20 




Ship: Dorothea, 11th April 1810, John Edgar


Ship: John, 7th Sept 1818, Samuel Edgar


Ship: Ceres, 16th Feb 1819, R Edgar 


Departed Londonderry  

Ship: Brutus, Sailed 16th April 1805

David Edgar, age 22, Farmer

From, Randlestown