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The Edgar family of Carryduff, Co Down

Robert - born c1779 - died 4th June 1866 - aged 87

Elizabeth - born c1783 - died 1st December 1864 - aged 81

Samuel - born c1821 - died 11th March 1896 - aged 75

Isabella - born c1829 - died 13th November 1883 - aged 54

Elizabeth - born 1856, married Willie Massy of Killynure on 3rd June 1879

John - born 1857, sailed to America on 30th July 1874

Robert Allen - born 1859, sailed to America on 16th October 1880, married 3rd December 1886, died 4th February 1887, aged 28

Jane - 1861, married 22nd June 1883

Joseph - born 24th September 1863, married Robina Ann Symth on 8th October 1889, died 16th September 1935, aged 72.  Robina was born 19th May 1868, died 25th December 1953

Samuel - born 20th March 1866, (twin of William) Samuel married and had five children - Samuel, Izzie, Eileen, John plus one other

William James - born 20th March 1866 (twin of Samuel) died 25th January 1874, aged 8

Isabella - born 27th August 1867, married John Lowe on 23rd January 1889, had 13 children

Martin H John - born 26th June 1871, died 29th January 1874, aged 3

Joseph - born 24th September 1863,  died 16th September 1935, aged 72. 

Robina Ann Symth, born 19th May 1868, died 25th December 1953, aged 85

Margaret - born 1st July 1890, married John Milligan on 28th October 1919, sailed to New Zealand on 4th May 1920, returned to Northern Ireland during 1950's, died 1980, had no family.

Samuel - born 5th December 1891, died 30th September 1918, aged 27, not married

James - born 24th March 1893, married Eleanor Martin on 15th April 1918, died 7th March 1919, aged 25, had one daughter Robina Ann

Robina - born 3rd September 1894, died 3rd March 1899, aged 4

Elizabeth - born 30th August 1896, married Samuel Pyper on 28th August 1917, had one son Samuel and one daughter Ina, died late 1960's

Isabella - born 30th March 1898, married David Dobbin on 6th June 1928, had one daughter Elsie

John - born 4th December 1900, married Nellie ? on 15th January 1936, had three daughters and one son, Robina U (Helen) born 16th May 1937, twins Georgina Margaret and Kathline R A, born  7th January 1941, and Robert John, born 17th November 1942, died 19th November 1942

William - born 4th December 1902, married Lizzie Anderson on 26th June 1929, had three sons and one daughter, David, Joseph, Wilmer and Jean

Joseph - born 8th October 1904, died 22nd November 1974,aged 70, married Maggie (Daisy) Fisher on 22nd April 1935, had two sons and two daughters, Edith, Kenneth, Josephine Elizabeth and William Davidson



Copy of Will dated 19th May 1702, John Edgar of Carrickfergus grandson of John Edgar and son of Michael Edgar and Margaret Dobbin.  

The last Will and testament of John Edgar of Carrickfergus Plummer, in the name of God amen. 1 John Edgar of Carrickfergus Plummer, being sick in body but of perfect memory do make this my last will and testament and due in the first place bequeath my soul to Jesus Christ, my redeemer and my body to the earth to he decently interred in hope of a blessed resurrection. Item 1 do appoint my kinsmen Major John Dobbin of Dunean and Mr William Kennedy of Templepatrick my joint executors to see this my last will duly performed, and do in the first place appoint my said executors to pay out of the ………….of my whole estate all debts due by me and afterwards to dispose the residue of my estate after funeral charges are paid as here after shall be specified, Having formerly paid to my brothers son John and his daughter Elizabeth a portion out of my good estate. 

(1) I leave to my brother’s daughter Hannah Edgar, thirty pounds sterling.

(2) I leave to my brother’s daughter Joan Edgar, thirty pounds sterling.

(3) I leave to my brother’s son James Edgar, twenty pounds sterling.

(4) I leave to my brother’s son Hugh Edgar, twenty pounds sterling. 

(After the debts and legacies are paid) To breed the said high at school and some employment as my executors shall see meet. 

As for any remainder of stock or effects in houses, lands, tenements or here tenements 1 do leave to my said brothers son Hugh to him and his heirs for ever and that he shall never sell or mortgage the same always provided that Hugh be subject to the control of my said executors, and if the said Hugh do prove then it shall be in the power of the said executors to dispose of the said estate to his other brother or brothers as they shall see meet anything to the contrary not withstanding. 

I do order to my brother James Edgar three pounds per annum for the ........ of the said Hugh. Lastly as for the time of disposal of the legacies to my brother’s daughters it shall be at the time of their marriages, always provided they marry with advice of my said executors. And if it shall happen that any of my said nephews die without heirs then it shall be to the survivor and if any daughters die before marriage portions shall fall to the survivor as witness my hand and seal this 19' day of May 1702.

                                                John Edgar

Signed and scaled in presence of

        David Hood

        Josias Hood

    William Campbell 

Probate 31st July 1702


Carrickfergus old graveyard “St. Nicholas”

EDGAR, I am the resurrection and the life.  Erected by Elizabeth Edgar in memory of her father Robert Edgar who died 24th December 1820.  Also her mother Ann Edgar who died 1st May 1854, age 81 years, and her grandfather Michael McAllen who died 2nd June 1823.

 (Robert Edgar a weaver of the north east division, was made a freeman in 1811)


Convicts Transported From Ireland to Australia

NAME: Hans Edgar
AGE:  31              
TRIAL DATE: 05/04/1836
SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs
COMMENTS: Convict detained on board hulk, 18/05/1836
NAME: John Edgar
AGE:  18 
PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Londonderry
TRIAL DATE: 21/03/1843
SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs unless security to keep peace
More Information on Hans Edgar, transported to Australia 1836

Hans Edgar born in Randalstown, County Antrim in about 1810. He came to Australia as a convict (1836) and his family followed years later (1853). His wife Mary McGavey was also born in Antrim to James McGavey and Katherine O'Brien. They had three sons, the eldest was John. He went to Lanark Scotland where he married Jane Robb in 1853. John, Jane and their three children: Samuel, Jane and Mary, came to Australia in 1859.

Taken from the records of the Church of Ireland Randalstown:

Bapt 29th May 1825, John Alexander Edgar, the son of Hans and Mary Edgar, Hans was a Weaver of Barnish, Co Antrim.

Bapt 2nd June 1828, William James Edgar, the son of Hans and Mary Edgar, Hans listed as a Labourer from Randalstown.

Bapt 24th March 1833, Hans Edgar, the son of Hans and Mary Edgar, this time Hans is listed as a Labourer from Dromrough.

Bapt 8th October 1837, James Edgar, the son of Henry and Betty Edgar, Henry was a Groccer from (Ballynaoragy ?)

Bapt 26th January 1846, Matilda Edgar (born 23rd Oct) the daughter of Hugh and Jane Edgar, Hugh is listed as a Labourer, Janes maiden name was McClure.

Henry Edgar married Elizabeth Haire on 27th August 1836.


Lost at Sea

Robert Edgar, born in Strabane, Co Tyrone, Ireland in 1864, Robert was raised in Co Londonderry but left Ireland in 1901 going to Scotland to live, Robert was a sailor and he died on the 2nd August 1917, when his ship HMS Ermine was torpedoed.



The last execution of a woman at Armagh jail took place on Wednesday 19th July 1815. On that occasion Mrs Jane Mulholland was hanged in front of the jail alongside Robert Edgar. Both had been convicted of murdering Mrs Mulhollands husband after the two of them began a clandestine love affair. Mr Reid Mulholland was beaten to death with a hatchet as he lay sleeping in his bed at his home, near the village of Hamiltonsbawn, outside Armagh, Northern Ireland.


 David Edgar of Keithock

David Edgar, of Keithock, Forfarshire, Scotland, Married Anna Blair January 1665 

FIRST GENERATION (Children of the above) 

David Edgar – Died about 1722

Isobel Edgar 


Isobel Edgar married first Thomas Forbes – second James Pitcairn

David Edgar married Katharine Forrester 11th June 1674, at Dundee. 

Alexander Edgar, born 21St May 1676, died 18th February 1757

William Edgar, 1677-1698

George Edgar, born 1678

David Edgar, born 1680

Thomas Edgar, born 19th October 1681 (settled in New Jersey)

John Edgar, born 1683


Second Wife, Elizabeth Guthrie, married 1686

Robert Edgar, born 1686

James Edgar, born at Keithock in 1688, died 1764 unmarried.  He was secretary for a period of fifty years to the Chevalier St George, also called the Old Pretender and by the Scotch James the Third and Ninth.

Magdelen Edgar, born 1690, died 1726

Margaret Edgar, born 1692

Robert Edgar, born 1693

Elizabeth Edgar, born 1694, died in infancy

Helen Edgar, born 1694, died in infancy

Henry Edgar, born 1698.  Bishop of Fife, died 21St August 1756



Name: Robert John Edgar 

Ref No: 1036-0-01 

Date: 5th February 1968 

Rank: 02 

Status: XX (Presumptive finding of death) 

Country: Laos 

Service: Air Force 

Race: White 

Cords: 172000N 1055000E 

Aircraft: RF4C


Soldiers awarded the Indian Mutiny Medal  1857-1858

Edgar George Private 71st Foot (Highland Light Infantry)
Edgar John Hospital Sergeant 72nd Foot (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders)
Edgar John Private 79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders)
Edgar Peter Private 93rd Foot (Sutherland Highlanders)
Edgar Thomas Private 42nd Foot (Royal Highland