Edgar family of Ahorey Co Armagh


The following information is on the family and descendants of William Edgar of Ahorey, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland.  

William Edgar ( ? - 1954) married Sarah Elizabeth McDonald in Ahorey Presbyterian Church on 5th May 1904.  William and Sarah had 12 children, their children and their families are:

William James Edgar (1940-1998) married Glynis Thelma Parr,  in Mahon Parish Church Portadown, on 31st August 1963, they had two children, Richard James, born 14th September 1964 and Laurence John, born 22nd February 1968, they lived in Laurelvale all their married life, William James is buried in Ahorey.  Laurence Edgar married Shirley Hutton in Newmills Presbyterian Church, Co Tyrone, on 22nd August 2003.  Laurence and Shirley have two children, a son Jake James Edgar, born 19th October 2004, and a daughter Lauren Jayne Edgar, born 12 November 2006.

Margaret Elizabeth (Lorretta)(1939-1995) married Kenneth Douglas Brownlee October 1962, they had three children, Thomas (1963), Margaret Elizabeth (Joyce)(1964)and Charlene Leeann (1971)  Lorretta and Kenneth lived all their married life in Laurelvale and both are buried in Ahorey graveyard.

Olive (1953) married Keith Lappin 21st September 1975, they have three children, Andrea (29th June 1976) Colin (1st August 1979) and Ian (12th September 1984)

Richard, Glynis, Laurence and Sarah Jane Edgar 22nd August 2003

Richard, Glynis, Laurence and Shirley Edgar 22nd August 2003



November 2004: Richard, Glynis, Shirley, Laurence, Sarah Jane and baby Jake



Jake James Edgar, Christmas day 2004 wearing his Northern Ireland football skip and Jake April 2005


Lauren Jayne Edgar, 12th November 2006 (the day she was born)


Lauren Edgar with her Grandmother Glynis Edgar, 11th April 2010


Sarah Edgar 2nd February 2008 with her grandchildren

Ian Lappin, Laurence Edgar, Richard Edgar, Andrea Lappin


Richard and Sarah Edgar 2010

Jake Edgar and Patch the dog 2008


Raymond Edgar has three children a daughter and two sons Alistair and Gavin.

  • Gavin Edgar is married to Clare and have two children, Samuel both 11th November 2004 and Imogen born 8th April 2006

  • Alistair is married to Hazel and they have one son Oliver born 24th June 2010

James Nigel Edgar (1949-1997) married Enid Wallace, they had two children,  Sharon Lee Edgar (1979-1995) and Joanne Edgar.

John Rodney Edgar (1951-2000) married Lillias Thompson  They had three children, Emma, Amanda and Neill.

Winfred Cora Edgar (1943-1998) married James Doyle, they had one son Stephen.

George Edgar married Mavis Vennard, they had two children Julie and Lee.

Lee and George Edgar line up for the Laurelvale Cricket team 2003


Robert Edgar married Susan Liggett and has two sons, Michael and Robert Scott (DOB 30th October 1981)

Desmond Edgar married Patricia Anne Elton (born 1951) they had three children, Chelsea Maree Edgar born 26th February 1976, Danielle Frances Edgar born 11th October 1978 and David John Edgar born 26th March 1980.

William Edgar married Julie Marlene Barry (born 1957) they had four children, Dean William Edgar born 10th March 1986, Adam James Edgar (1988-1990) Ryan Thomas Edgar born 28th June 1991 and Lisa Marlene Edgar born 22nd July 1994.

Lee Edgar and Laurence Edgar Laurelvale Cricket Club 2003


Family Trees for some of William's children